Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Chalk Wildlands Fire Plume from Carmel Valley

(panorama shot, click to enlarge... it's wiiiiiiiiiide!)

September 28, 2008 about 6:45pm...

Upon leaving our house in Jamesburg this evening, we noticed some ashfall on our car... curious, I thought!  That fire's still 27 miles away!

Well, when we got to Laureles Grade, here's the view looking south. This is not a small fire, and the word is that the crews expect containment on October 10th... in other words, it's not just a walk in our park!


Tzila "Z" said...

Thanks for the perspective, Kelly. Jeez...will it never stop?

pendoodles said...

I told Kate on her blog entry this morning that we could smell smoke up here in Pacific Grove. If you had ashfall, I guess thats what we are smelling. Its too strong smelling to be a neighbors fireplace.

BUT mean-while... 'containment on October 10th' THATS OUTRAGEOUS!

How can the state foresty department allow such a travesty in our already at risk water sheds? That will make every watershed area from NO Cal to SO Cal at risk this winter & possibly force us into a serious drought this next year. Are they crazy, or is it strategically planned by our goverment???

I don't normally think in these terms... but it seems way to coincidental don't you think, that these fires all happened in our California watersheds?