Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Scoop from Skee...

September 30, 2008, about 8:00 pm

Chief Skee Stanley of Cachagua Fire sent me a screen dump of the data he sees from his ICS Summary screen. Here's what it looks like"

209 as of 18:00, 9/30/08...

Incident Status Summary (ICS-209)
Date 09/30/2008 
Time 1800 
Incident Number: CA-LPF-002754
Incident Name:  CHALK
Incident Kind:  Wildland Fire
(Full Suppression/Perimeter Control) 
Start Date Time: 09/27/2008 2002 
Cause Under Investigation
Incident Commander: Jim Smith
Incident Command: Organization Type 2 Team 1

Latitude and Longitude 
Lat: 35° 59´ 25" 
Long: 121° 25´ 48"
Ownership: CA-LPF 

Short Location Description (in reference to nearest town): 
22 miles Southwest of King City, Ca
Size/Area Involved: 3,453 ACRES
% Contained or MMA: 8 Percent
Line to Build: 762 Chains
Estimated Costs to Date: $1,800,000
Structure Information 0 Threatened 1 Damaged 0 Destroyed 

Threat to Human Life/Safety:
Evacuation(s) in progress: Yes
Potential future threat: Yes
No likely threat --------------- Residence 12 0 0
Commercial Property 1
Outbuilding/Other 12 0 0

Projected incident movement/spread 12, 24, 48, and 72 hour time frames:
12 hours: North, South, and East
24 hours: North and East
48 hours: Same
72 hours: Same

Values at Risk: include communities, critical infrastructure, natural and cultural resources in 12, 24, 48 and 72 hour time frames:
12 hours: Ventana Wilderness. Condor habitat range and Steel Head habitat in Mill Creek. Residences
24 hours: Same
48 hours: Ventana Wilderness. Condor habitat range.
72 hours: Same

Critical Resource Needs (amount, type, kind and number of operational periods () in priority order in 12, 24, 48, and 72 hour time frames):
12 hours: Type 3 engines.
24 hours:
48 hours:
72 hours:

Major problems and concerns (control problems, social/political/economic concerns or impacts, etc.) Relate critical resources needs identified above to the Incident Action Plan.

Access to the fire is a concern with steep rugged terrain. Fire is burning in the Ventana wilderness and evacuation order is in place.

Observed Weather for Current Operational Period
Peak Gusts (mph): 6 
Max. Temperature: 85
Wind Direction: SW 
Min. Relative Humidity: 20 
Fuels/Materials Involved: 4 Chaparral (6 Feet)
Large volume of dead and down material in fire fuel bed. Oak woodland and pockets of timber. No prior recorded fire history in area of involvement.

Today's observed fire behavior (leave blank for non-fire events):
Occasional slope runs, moderate rate of spread, rollout pushing fire down slope.

Forecasted Weather for next Operational Period
Wind Speed (mph): 1-3 
Temperature: 68
Wind Direction: SW 
Relative Humidity: 30

Actions planned for next operational period:
Continue to construct and improve line, contingency line construction, structure protection.

For fire incidents, describe resistance to control in terms of:
1. Growth Potential - High
2. Difficulty of Terrain - Extreme

Acreage increase is over a 24 hour burn period. Accurate data was not available at post time. This incident will be in unified command with Fort Hunter Liggett at 0600 10/01/08. 11 people advised to evacuate in Dempsey Flat area, and Beiar Property

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