Monday, September 29, 2008

From the front line on the Chalk Fire...

September 29, 2008 about 6:00 pm...

Our good friend and neighbor, Chief Skee Stanley of the Cachagua Volunteer Firefighters sent this from the too-close-for-comfort seat of the Chalk Fire front lines:
Just spoke with my lead dozer operator Terry Bishop who says:
"We are going to be on this fire for awhile"
On another note, I got a call from Mike Kremke (USFS-LPF Division 1). Chief Kremke requests the Cachagua Fire Protection District to staff up a type 3 engine for coverage of the northern area of the Los Padres National Forest per our contract with USFS - LPNF.
CFC Engine-7732 with a crew of three to four firefightes, Battilion Chief J. delValle (B-7702) will have adminstrative coverage for the Northern end of the LPNF.
I ran into Chief Jaime delValle yesterday on Tassajara Road, and he mentioned that that the fourth dozer went down to Big Sur today... proud of his homeboys, Papa Skee signs his missives this way:
Another example of what CFC Volunteers can do and have done.
Any Assignment
Any Where
Any Time
CFC will get the job done Safely!

Skee Stanley
Fire Chief
Cachagua Fire Protection District
Go get 'em!!!  And thanks Cachagua Volunteers, once again, for watching our back!

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