Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monterey County Agency Contacts

September 7, 2008 about 9:30 am...

Monterey County Contacts for Fire Recovery Questions: 

Planning Department Questions: 

Coastal Zone 
Joe Sidor (Primary) 755-5262
Carl Holm  755-5103
Laura Lawrence  755-5148
Mike Novo  755-5192 
Inland Areas
Ramon Montano (Primary) 755-5169 
Taven Kinison Brown 755-5173 
Jose Luis Osorio  755-5177
Carl Holm  755-5103 

MoCo Website Links: 

Monterey County website links to other organizations
Links to NonProfit Organizations
Links to Government Organizations
Applications for Rebuilding, Monterey County website

Erosion Control Information, Monterey County website

Monterey County Fire Information website

Building Services Department Questions 
Wanda Hickman: 755-5285 
Albert Salvador : 755-5191 

Health Department Questions (Water Systems, Hazardous Materials, Waste) 

Reception : 755-4505 

Office of Emergency Services (Disaster Assistance) 

Individuals and Businesses: Rob Clyburn: 796-1902 
Non Profits and Agencies: Phil Yenovkian: 796-1904 

Natural Resources Conservation Service (technical assistance for private lands) 
Salinas Office: 424-1036
Robert LaFleur: extension 101
Danny Marquis: extension 115 

US Forest Service (questions relating to Forest Service land) 

King City Office: 385-5434 

State Parks (questions relating to State Parks land) 
Monterey District Office: 649-2836 

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