Sunday, July 20, 2008

IC Pincha-Tulley Update and Samoa HotShots Sing!!!

July 20, 2008 about 8 pm...

'Blog-in this week just before noon for a daily update on the Basin Complex Fire - East, with Incident Commander Jeanne Pincha-Tulley.

I'll be interviewing the IC each morning this week and we'll get a full run down of the previous day's activity, the status of the fire and what to expect throughout the day.

Audio will be available - as usual - on KUSP's website, before noon each day.
Samoan HotShots Sing Gospel Songs and a 'Goodbye' Chant...

About 150 firefighters and support staff got a chance to hear the Samoan HotShots sing their Sunday songs of praise and bid goodbye to their compatriots, in Strike Camp in Jamesburg, tonight. The Samoan crew leaves the active line after 3 weeks on the Basin Complex Fire.

"Goodbye" is not a single word and a handshake to the Samoans... instead, traditional ceremonial chant and dance make 'goodbye' an affair to remember!

Click HERE to listen! It was an impressive and fun display of tradition and it brought a smile and a laugh to all in attendance, after a long day on the fireline.


semi-savant said...

how cool is that! sorry i missed!

Anonymous said...

I am so appreciative of the FUN you are having with your coverage of the fire events on the East side. The Big Sur side was so serious...and RIGHTFULLY SO! People were losing their homes and freedoms. Yet, your coverage has found humor and entertainment in a heavy situation, and has lightened up the feel of it all, and for that I am grateful. Thank you so much!

Kelly Erin O'Brien said...


Thanks so much for keeping up with us and for your thanks.

We laugh so that we may not cry!!!